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050V16.ZIP 1997-05-07 00:00 792KUusin versio Radiolinjan tekstiviestiohjelmasta
16550PAK.ZIP 1995-02-24 00:00 218KIt contains Detection/test programs and drivers for Windows and OS/2. Hints & tipsfor getting the max out of your High-Speed UART
ACCNT20A.ZIP 1992-08-06 00:00 36KAccent 2.0a - Fixes the problem with „,”,† in Windows
ACOM141.ZIP 1995-08-26 00:00 615KAceComm v1.41 Windows Communications - Solid Easy to use Communications Terminal.
CFW_116.ZIP 1997-04-23 00:00 409Kcfos/Win 1.16 - COM Port Emulator for ISDN CAPI For Win 3.x and '95; 16- and 32-bit software. Allows applications to communicate via ISDN using CAPI.DLL. Supports multiple COM ports simultaneously, controlled by a powerful AT command set. Supports CAPI 1.1 and CAPI 2.0, fast dynamic channel bundling, AOL ISDN, V.42bis data compression, BTX, wincim, X.31, PPP Internet mode, V.120, fax command set, analogue modem, time
COMT105.ZIP 1995-04-03 00:00 114KCOMt v1.05 - the Telnet Modem for Windows !
CYBERCOM.ZIP 1993-11-28 00:00 8.2KCyberCom V1.1.0.0P - The High Speed Serial Communications Driver for Windows 3.1.
DIALDR.ZIP 1993-10-08 00:00 64KPROCOMM PLUS for Windows v1.02: Dialdir patch Dialing Directory patch.
DIGITRM1.ZIP 1994-03-28 00:00 216KDigiTerm Ver1.0 for Windows
FASTFAX.ZIP 1994-01-15 00:00 35KFAstFax 3.0 for WinFax PRO 3 & WinWord 6. FAstFax scans your document, finds the recipient's name and fax number, and (using DDE) automatically passes this information over to WinFax PRO--so you no longer have to enter and maintain TWO separate phonebooks. FAstFax automatically sets the fax driver and resets the printer driver. Other features: Thumbnail Page Preview and Automatic Page Range Settings.
FAX147C.ARJ 1995-07-18 00:00 116KBGFAX update
FAXDEMO.ZIP 1991-09-03 00:00 277KWINFAX PRO is a fax communications product for Microsoft Windows from Delrina Technology Inc. This Test Drive version of WINFAX PRO is designed to give you a preview of the features in the full WINFAX PRO product. You may copy and freely distribute WINFAX PRO Test Drive.
FAX_V502.ZIP 1995-12-25 00:00 701KComplete faxing program for Windows 3.1x, 95 and NT. Allows printing from any program that can print. FaxMail for Windows makes creating high quality faxes as easy as printing.
MTV3TEXT.ZIP 1993-11-11 00:00 460KT„ll„ windows-ohjelmalla voit l„hett„„ mtv3:n teksti-tv:seen oman viestisi modeemilla!!!
MWIZ522.ZIP 1997-08-13 00:00 39KFaxMail v5.22 for Windows
PCBGUIDE.ZIP 1995-06-27 00:00 68KA Windows Help version of the Caller's Guide for pcboard.
STPE321.ZIP 1996-02-15 00:00 165KStomper version 3.21. Modem-/ISDN- sharing for DOS and Windows. Supports IPX or Netbios. Share a modem or ISDN-adapter in your network. Windows 95-drivers available in a seperate package.
WCL.EXE 1995-03-17 00:00 799KDelrina WinComm LITE: a lite version of our powerful WinComm PRO. This robust communications application is not shareware, it's FREE! Presented by Delrina, the maker of the award winning WinFax PRO.
ZFAX40.ZIP 1994-12-16 00:00 1.2MZetafax v4.00b - 1 to 5 user Evaluation. Fax software for Windows, Windows NT and OS/2. Fax server and workstation software, allows you to share a fax modem over a LAN, and fax from any application. Advanced features.