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320MIDIA.ZIP 1994-08-28 00:00 1.5M320 kappaletta kauneimpia midej„. Imuroimalla n„m„,et muita en„„n tarvitse. Soivat vallan upeasti parhaimmilla „„nikorteilla, eli GUSsilla ja AWElla.
ADLBELL.ZIP 1989-01-22 00:00 863 this brograms changes control-g biibs to Adlib.
ALWAYSSO.ZIP 1993-06-21 00:00 1.9KScorpions: Always Somewhere tabulatures.
AS_I_DIE.ZIP 1995-05-25 00:00 2.0KParadise Lost: AS i DIE-tab. (guitar)
BEHIND_T.ZIP 1995-03-18 00:00 1.0KBlack Sabbath: Behind The Wall Of Sleep tabulatuuri
BLACKENE.ZIP 1995-03-18 00:00 3.0KBlack Enemy, tabulatuurit
CHRDMAGC.ZIP 1993-05-17 00:00 29KChordMagic 1.0 Andrew J. Gryc; $20, lets you experiment with guitar chords, hit a key and and Chord Magic will tell you what chord you're playing. Because each string displays which component of the chord it is, making slight alterations to chords is easy.
CIVILWAR.TAB 1994-12-31 00:00 21KGuns Roses : Ciwil War
CMXMANAL.ZIP 1995-04-12 00:00 1.6KCMX:n tabulatuuri mainiosta Manalaisesta
CMXSIEL.ZIP 1995-03-26 00:00 2.7Ktabs by Mika
EMPEROR.ZIP 1995-04-13 00:00 6.0KEmperorin uusimman levyn lyriikat
ETERNAL.ZIP 1995-10-27 00:00 1.9KParadise Lost: Eternal tablatuuri
FINNIRV.ZIP 1995-02-18 00:00 17KThe Official Nirvana Song Book - FINAL
GLIDERIN.TXT 1995-05-12 00:00 843 Den glider in...MM kisa tunnus biisin sanat.
INSIDE.TAB 1995-03-31 12:43 27KNuotit Stealthskin: Inside
LEDZEPPL.ZIP 1994-11-29 00:00 3.9KLed Zeppelin Stairway to heaven-tabulatures for quitar
MDETHTAB.ZIP 1995-04-06 00:00 15KMEGADETH tablatures, Youthanasia....
METALICA.ZIP 1993-03-25 00:00 14KTabulatures for different Metallica-songs.
METALLIC.ZIP 1993-08-09 00:00 22KThe lyrics to all Metallica songs
MIDIPOP.ZIP 1993-07-12 00:00 4.0KApuneuvo harvap„isille: MIDI-koodit pullahdusluntilla.
NIR_UNPL.TAB 1997-10-20 00:00 15KNirvanan unplugged in N.Y. tabulatuurit
NUTCHO10.ZIP 1997-03-21 00:00 77KNut Chords 1.0 chord-finder PC/DOS/VGA This is THE BEST chord finder for PC!! This is no educational crap for kids!! Look at some of the functions: (S)VGA graphics, mouse, shortkeys! search for ALL variations of chords! keyboard and fretboard view! converting between piano and guitar! bass-variations, shutted strings! easy/fast scrolling of variations! unlimited tuning!
SEP_ARIS.ZIP 1995-02-22 00:00 3.1KSepultura:Arise tabulatuuri mukana myos soolo
SONGS.ZIP 1996-05-11 00:00 21KDifferent songs and chords (WP 5.1-Format)
STP.ZIP 1996-04-22 00:00 32KStone Temple Pilots - tablatures For many, many songs. ( Some include bass tabs... )
TABUJA.ZIP 1995-03-25 00:00 43KTablatures for many songs, including Eric Clapton's Unplugged and Alice In Chains' album SAP...
UNPLUGGE.TXT 1995-02-19 00:00 46KNuotit Eric Claptonin Unpluggediin.