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DIGGER.ZIP 1997-10-14 00:00 53KDIGGER 1983. Yksi maailman parhaista peleistä
STBL.ZIP 1998-02-18 00:00 84KSTORE BLOCKS - In this game You can Build and Move blocks. One kind of tetris-clone Needs : 486 and VGA Supports : SB and GUS MUDDLE presents 1998
SALAD026.ZIP 1998-01-29 00:00 156KThe Legend of Saladir V0.26 (28.01.1998) A finnish nethack/rogue like CRPG game under development. No fancy graphics, ASCII is the name of the game... Suomalainen nethack/rogue-tyylinen kehitteillä oleva tietokoneroolipeli. Ei grafiikkaa, ainoastaan ASCII-merkkejä. Comments to: Read the docs.
BUBBLE97.ZIP 1998-06-20 00:00 1.4MBubble Puzzle 97 v1.3a [1.4M] W9x FREE. Doom-style 3D games are great if you've got the latest video card, but what about those of us who crave something simpler, yet just as much fun and time consuming? There's Bubble Puzzle! This new version is compatible with DirectX 5.0, and even has enhancements for color blind players. You shoot X colored balls upward to connect with other X colored balls. If you attach more than 3, they fall away. Clear the screen and you advance to the next stage. Addictive! Conmeg's Bubble Puzzle '97 Arcade Game v1.3a: A Bust-a-move Clone for Windows95 or WindowsNT 4.0, requires DirectX 3.0. In this game the player has to shoot colouredballs to the top of the screen by the angle of the ball canon. Three balls of the same color which touch each other will be removed from the playing field. Your goal is to remove all balls from the level.
HWSII17.EXE 1998-07-19 00:00 2.7MHardwood Solitaire II v1.7 [2.9M] W9x/NT4 SW$25. I know you've played solitaire before, but never like this (trust me). High colors, high quality, high time you downloaded and played it! There are a variety of decks available (including ones for Christmas & Halloween), sound effects, enchanting MIDI music, and an interactive high score list. If I was stuck on an island with only three PC games, this would be one of them. You'll never go back to any other solitaire game--it's that good.