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ARCHI4-1.ZIP 1994-05-02 00:00 1.0MArchiCAD 4.16-FIN for Windows Ohjelmistoina vaaditaan Windows 3.1 tai Windows for Workgroups 3.1. _____________________________________________ ARCHICAD ArchiCAD 4.16-FIN for Windows. 99_ identtinen ArchiCAD 4.12-FIN Macintosh-version kanssa. PLAYBACK Windows-versio animaatioiden esittämis- ohjelmasta PlayBack 1.0. PERUSFIN
ARCHI4-2.ZIP 1994-05-02 00:00 1.3MArchiCAD 4.16-FIN for Windows
ARCHI4-3.ZIP 1994-05-02 00:00 1.0MArchiCAD 4.16-FIN for Windows
ARCHI4-4.ZIP 1994-05-02 00:00 808KArchiCAD 4.16-FIN for Windows
ARCHI4-5.ZIP 1994-05-02 00:00 1.0MArchiCAD 4.16-FIN for Windows
ARCHI4-6.ZIP 1994-05-02 00:00 1.1MArchiCAD 4.16-FIN for Windows
DIXICAD1.ZIP 1993-12-15 00:00 1.4MMicroDixi CAD program (Shareware version) 1/2
DIXICAD2.ZIP 1994-02-17 00:00 1.4MMicroDixi CAD program (Shareware version) 2/2
ELF20.ZIP 1996-02-07 00:00 456KELF is a fast, flexable library of nearly 200 functions and 17 commands for autocad and autolisp. Includes ASCII file browse and editor, video, window, math, entity creation, keyboard, file, menus, list handling, string handling, sound, and debugging functions. (ASP) Jerry Workman
LATHE153.ZIP 1994-02-01 00:00 98KA public domain graphics program created by Sam Fulton that allows you to draw a 2-D image that will be extended to a 3-D line drawing.
RHINO32.EXE 1997-07-12 00:00 3.3MRhino Nurbs modeller beta
SETUP.EXE 1997-07-12 00:00 3.5MRhino for AutoCAD Beta Build 136
TSCADDRW.ZIP 1995-09-15 00:00 2.0MCAD/DRAW 4 L1 (32bit) v4.00 [Win95] Technical illustration, drafting, graphics. Powerful, fast and easy to use.
VS1_DOCS.ZIP 1994-11-09 00:00 52KVeriscope documentation
VSCOPE.ZIP 1995-11-03 00:00 406KWELCOME TO VERISCOPE The software that brings reality to your 3-D CAD work!