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GS401W32.ZIP 1996-07-11 00:00 464KGhostScript 4.01 for 32bit Windows (Windows NT, Win'95, Win 3.1+Win32s)
LJ157EN.EXE 1998-05-15 00:00 3.0MHP Web PrintSmart v1.0 [3.0M] W9x/NT4 FREE. When you print things from the web, chances are you also print stuff that you didn't want. Well, now you can easily create custom printed documents with your HP laser printer. Simply collect the web pages you wish to print, format the Web pages to your liking, then print! You can save collections of your favorite pages and schedule them for automatic printing. This software was designed for HP LaserJet, DeskJet, and OfficeJet Printers (I don't know if it will work with others).
PRSRV11.ZIP 1995-10-31 00:00 333KWindows Sockets LPD Server Application 1.1 December 1995 -PrintSRV and enqueuing programs (Raw, Txtfilt and to_lpt1)-
PRTCHG2.ZIP 1998-04-11 00:00 101KPrinter Changer v2.0 [90k] W9x/NT4 FREE. Some people are lucky enough to have more than one printer on their system. One for color, one for B&W, etc.. But there's no easy way to toggle your default printer. If you hadn't guessed from the title, Printer Changer simply sits in your System Tray and allows you to switch default printers. It was created by a Lockergnome Subscriber, too!
RPM2131.ZIP 1997-02-06 00:00 604KRPM-Remote Print Manager(TM), version 2.1.LPD
TXTPE10.ZIP 1998-05-01 00:00 75KTxtPrint v1.0. W9x/NT4 FREE. Yes, you could say that Notepad prints out text files. But it doesn't allow you to divide the printed page into several rows & columns (which could save you TONS of paper). Quite frankly, that's all this application does but that's what it's supposed to do. If you print out tons of text files, you should get a utility especially designed for them. You can even configure it to print differently for any given extension. That's darn texty.