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ACDC3220.EXE 1997-05-10 00:00 474KACDSee32 for Windows 95 version 2.0 Kuvienkatseluohjelma Wintööttiin
C3DDEMO.ZIP 1998-01-19 00:00 2.4MUlead COOL 3d *DEMO*. COOL 3d is a great new 3d titling program that brings the power and excitement of 3d right to your desktop. Making 3d text has never been so easy and never this cool!
CP32_179.ZIP 1997-02-01 00:00 647KCompu Pic 32bit (win) Version 1.53 b 169
DXL95.ZIP 1997-06-17 00:00 2.0MDesignExpress Labels Win95 - The ultimate label program and utility desktop publisher. Professional designs, full Avery support, and more! Label sets, fonts, rotated text, pictures, graphic tools, OLE/2, WYSIWYG editing. Powerful and easy. Includes built-in Address Book. Optimized for laser and inkjet printers. From the award winning team at MicroVision Development. Member SPA, ASP, and
ENVEL121.ZIP 1996-03-15 00:00 6.7MEnvelop Engine v1.2.1 - The 32-bit, visual, object-oriented, rapid application development tool for MS Windows NT and 95
FLIGHT.ZIP 1996-09-18 00:00 2.0MFlight/2 - Wordup Graphics Toolkit and Digital Sound Music Interface Technology Demo. requires the Hi-Resolution Timer and DIVE
FSP71.ZIP 1995-12-09 00:00 332KFontSpecPro v.7.1 w95+ sharew.
GA20TU.ZIP 1998-01-19 00:00 4.1MUlead GIF Animator 2.0 *DEMO* is an extremely intuitive, easy to use tool for designing, producing and optimizing GIF animations.
GIFCON32.ZIP 1997-10-29 00:00 1.3MGIF Construction Set version number 1.0. Revision Date: September 26, 1997 License: Shareware NT Compatible: Yes Description: An easy to use application for creating transparent GIF files, multiple image GIF files and animated images.
GWSW95.ZIP 1997-08-24 00:00 1.8MGraphic Workshop image wiewer. Version Number: 1.1x Patch 1. Revision Date: March 28, 1997. License: Shareware. Description: A great image utility, Graphic Workshop can view and convert between a ton of different image formats.
GWSWN11T.EXE 1995-10-10 00:00 1.1MGraphics Workshop v1.1t for Windows.
IMGCT210.ZIP 1996-09-04 00:00 1.6Mimgct210 - Image/Document managment system. Supports over 40 image formats (BMP, JPEG, GIF, TIFF, PNG, WPG, PCD, PCX, AVI, etc.) Complete image processing/editing tools. Imports images from TWAIN-supported scanners. Builds photo albums library. Performs slide shows from your favorite albums or directory. Shareware.,
IMGINST.EXE 1995-07-11 00:00 2.0MImaging for Windows 95, Version 01.00.00 Imaging is a new Windows 95 accessory that allows users to create, annotate, view and print TIFF, BMP and Microsoft Fax (AWD) files
IMGVIEW.ZIP 1996-11-07 00:00 450KImgView (VERSION 1.00). Purpose: ImgView enhances the Windows 95 Quick View facility by adding viewers for seven additional graphics formats: GIF, JPEG, Kodak PhotoCD, PCX, PNG, TARGA, and TIFF.
IVIEW240.ZIP 1997-07-02 00:00 278KIrfanView32 is a fast FREEWARE image viewer/ conventer for Win95/NT
KDRAW140.ZIP 1993-10-01 00:00 86KObjektiorientoitunut piirto-ohjelma Windowsille
LVP1-W32.ZIP 1997-06-30 00:00 1.2MLview Pro v1.0 32bit RELEASE. A great image file editor; loads/saves image files in: JPEG JFIF, GIF etc. Has a built-in screen capture and many image filters, cropping, transparent gif conversion and more. Rated 5 cows on Tucows
MPEGW32H.ZIP 1994-06-27 00:00 627KMpeg viewer for windows 32b
MUANGL20.ZIP 1996-02-22 00:00 617KMicroangelo v2.0 for Windows 95 [Impact] Provides access to icons of all sizes and color formats used by Windows 95. Browse, manage, create, and edit icons from 8x8 to 64x64 pixels in size and up to 256 colors. Explorer-like Browser specializes in locating icons on your system. Double-click to open icons for editing in Studio, libraries for viewing in Librarian. The Engineer replaces system icons, removes shortcut arrows, etc...
NT_SNAKE.ZIP 1993-08-21 00:00 13KSnakes Screen Saver For Windows Nt.
PE42T.ZIP 1998-01-19 00:00 3.4MUlead Photo Explorer 4.2 *TRIAL* is a must-have visual file manager if you work with images or multimedia clips. Thumbnail browsing of image and video files makes getting organized a snap!. Features include HTML thumbnail output, quick-and-easy slide shows, web posting and fun calendar and screen saver makers.
PIVWR40.ZIP 1998-01-19 00:00 1.9MUlead Photo Impact Picture Viewer. Just because it's freeware doesn't mean it's not the best image viewer on the market. Download your copy and check it out!
POLYV220.ZIP 1995-11-19 00:00 406KPolyView V2.20 by Polybytes. Shareware BMP, GIF, JPEG, photo-cd, PNG, and TIFF graphics viewer, file conversion, and printing utility for Windows NT and Windows 95.
POVAFX32.ZIP 1996-01-20 00:00 148KVery FAST 32-bit version of povray.exe. This executable includes also simple athmospheric effects like glowing lights and ground fog. This is for NT and Win95.
PSP412.ZIP 1997-01-18 00:00 2.9MPaint Shop Pro v4.12 The complete windows graphics program for image creation, viewing, and manipulation. Features include painting with 8 brushes, photo retouching, image enhancement and editing, color enhancement, image browser, batch conversion, and scanner support. Included are 20 standard filters and 12 deformations. Supports plug-in filters. Over 34 file formats. Win95 or NT 4 Winner SIA & ZiffNet awards. From JASC, Inc.
PVDC1000.ZIP 1997-06-17 00:00 626KPanasonic Palmcam v1.02a.
QT32B211.ZIP 1996-01-21 00:00 1.4MQuickTime for Windows v2.1.1 beta / 32bit
REPTINST.EXE 1998-07-16 00:00 1.3MReptile v1.2 [1.3M] 9x FREE. Before you get grossed out, this reptile doesn't have scales or claws. But it'll attack your hunger for original background graphics within five minutes of using it! Mess with colors, shapes, intensity, and much more you'll have fun and be creating seamless images in no time at all. WARNING: this is a very addictive utility.
SEMSIV95.ZIP 1995-09-16 00:00 98KSEMS electronics IconView for Windows 95 - for easy and fast icon viewing - shows all icons in a directory
SETUPBL.EXE 1997-06-01 00:00 1.5MTee omat etiketit olutpulloihin
SETUPWL.EXE 1997-06-01 00:00 1.6MTee omat etiketit viinipulloihin.
SGV42.ZIP 1997-05-06 00:00 416KSummagraphics v4.2 Windows 95/NT Wintab Driver Summagraphics v4.2 Wintab driver for Windows 95 and Windows NT (3.51 or higher). This driver set supports Summasketch II, II+, III, Summagrid IV, and Microgrid Ultra tablets. Self-extracting file displays diskette-creation instructions when executed. View the README file on the installation diskette for more information.
SNAP230.ZIP 1995-07-10 00:00 213K(v2.30)SnapShot/32 scrn. capture, Win95/NT Capture entire desktop, individual window or client area, or draw rectangle to select.
TOPDR30.ZIP 1996-02-15 00:00 1.3MTop Draw V3.0 Drawing Program for Windows 3.x, 95, and NT. SIA 1994 award winner for Best Graphics Program. Create professional looking designs, illustrations, charts, diagrams, newsletters, brochures, ads, fliers, bulletins, and more, quickly and easily. Faster and easier than Corel Draw, and less filling too! Complete on-line help with tutorial will get you started quickly. Major Upgrade
USS30TU.ZIP 1998-01-19 00:00 3.0MUlead SmartSaver 3.0 *DEMO* A good image optimization tool is a must for today's web designers, and Ulead SmartSaver is the best. Use it with Photoshop or PhotoImpact as a stand-alone utility, or directly in FrontPage 97! Ulead SmartSaver 3.0 now includes GIF, JPEG, PNG and Animati on SmartSavers.
VFW11E.EXE 1995-03-16 00:00 1.4MVideo for Windows 1.1e
VFWRT1.ZIP 1993-11-19 00:00 1.2MMicrosoft Video for Windows Run-Time v1.1 from FTP.MICROSOFT.COM
VIDGIF16.ZIP 1997-01-03 00:00 2.0MVideoCraft animated GIF editor for Win95
VUEPRO45.EXE 1996-05-18 00:00 345KVuePrint Pro/32 Edition v4.5 VuePrint is most-downloaded Windows program on both CompuServe and America Online. It reads, writes, and prints JPEG, GIF, BMP, TGA, PCX, and TIFF files. Reguires a 386+ and WIN32. Shareware.
WA40TU.ZIP 1998-01-19 00:00 4.3MUlead Web Album v4.0 *DEMO* A powerful and comprehensive visual database program that allows you to catalog all the image and multimedia files on your system using easy to identify thumbnails.
WGERBTO7.ZIP 1997-09-29 00:00 2.6MGerbtool v7.0 32bit. Use Gerbtool to confirm Gerber photoplotter outputs before commiting the design to expensive film. Has many great features, including the ability to view multiple layers simultaneously!
WINCCS10.ZIP 1995-09-19 00:00 195KWindows PCX2CCS v1.0 takes a PCX image and creates a Counted Cross Stitch Chart.
WORMS.ZIP 1995-07-21 00:00 19K- Worms - Screensaver for Windows NT
WP4PS10T.ZIP 1998-01-19 00:00 1.4MUlead Web.Plugins for Photoshop 1.0. Transform your Photoshop into a web wizard! Web.Plugins lets you create 3d buttons of any shape, make your own web page backgrounds and add frames and drop shadows to selections. Generate server- and client-side HTML image map tag coordinates directly fr om selection areas.
WP200.EXE 1996-10-25 00:00 1.2MWinplay 3 v 2.00. MPEG audio layer 3 player
WR4PS10T.ZIP 1998-01-19 00:00 5.5MUlead WebRazor for Photoshop 1.0 WebRazor includes 7 powerful web tools from Ulead Systems: GIF Animator, GIF/JPEG/Animation SmartSavers, Web.Plugins, Photo Explorer, and Photo Viewer. WebRazor gives you more!
WUSL.ZIP 1998-01-19 00:00 809KMSVCIRT.DLL, MSVCRT.DLL, msvcrt20.DLL, msvcrt40.DLL and mfc40.DLL libraries for Windows95. Required by Ulead demo/trial softwares and some other packages as well.