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BLA.ZIP 1997-12-16 00:00 234KBoot Log Analyser 1.2 for Windows 95 Looks at your Windows95 BOOTLOG.TXT file and calculates the time taken to load each driver etc, in order to help in locating any cause of lengthy boot-up times. Also finds failed items.
CCTASK.ZIP 1997-06-07 00:00 164KCCTask 97.2.14 for Windows 95. Unlike many other task manager programs, this one has quite a few extra features: Hide / Show applications. Caption - change application's caption bar. Minimize - Minimizes almost any application. Top / Bottom - Brings application to top. Kill / Destroy - Guess. Sleep - Closes an application after X minutes. Allow Input - Closes out all input to an application. Priority - Adjust priority to your liking. Start / Stop - Start and stop timed update for the program window. Single - Run an update for the program window. Cron: This is a feature that requires some special attention. In simple - it is a scheduler. And unlike anything you've seen in windows. The basic idea is that you should be able to schedule anything anytime you want in the fewest number of lines. It is closely copied from UNIX's cron (hence the name).
COM074DX.ZIP 1998-07-16 00:00 44KFreeDos:n 7-98
COMEDY.ZIP 1998-01-12 00:00 36KComedy 1.0c for Windows 95/NT4. 'Comedy' (the COntext Menu EDitor utilitY) simply adds a context menu extension to the Win95/WinNT 4.0 shell that allows any file to be loaded into an editor of your choice.
DD101.ZIP 1996-11-27 00:00 11KDeep Diver 1.01 for Windows 95 is a disk utility. Instead of opening a dozen copies of Explorer to get to the one folder you really want, use Deep Diver. Deep Diver allows you to select only the folder you want to open no matter how deep it is in the directory tree.
DIGGERX.ZIP 1998-07-18 00:00 57KAlkuperäinen Digger johon lisätty VGA grafiikka, uusia leveleitä ja paljon muuta. Aivan ehdoton imurointi.
DLLINFO.ZIP 1997-10-04 00:00 1.6MDLL Informant 1.0 For Windows 95/NT4 collects information of all DLLs in your system. It shows you which application are using this module, and with DLLs are registered as OLE servers in your registry. Clean your Disks, kill unused DLLs!
DNWIZARD.EXE 1998-07-14 00:00 1.0MDownloadWizard Plus v2.20. DownloadWizard Plus is an Internet Download Manager. It provides a plug-in for Internet Explorer and Netscape. DownloadWizard Plus helps the user remember his/her downloads by a category system. Categories and subcategories can be created freely. Full Drag & Drop operations are supported. DownloadWizard Plus also comes with its own ZIP extraction utility. 4 Cows
EV10026.EXE 1997-12-12 00:00 213KExtension viewer for Windows 95/NT is an analysis tool for viewing the programs, extensions and actions stored in the Windows registry. You can view the registry keys grouped by several characteristics: - registered extensions - file types (actions) - OLE keys - applications Extension viewer will help you to see the configuration and the linked file types and actions for each of your applications. You are enabled to check, by which program a file type can be handled. Informative, practical, revealing. EXTENSION VIEWER Freeware. This is an analysis tool for viewing the programs, extensions and actions stored in the Windows registry.
FIXDISK1.ZIP 1998-07-19 00:00 183KWelcome to Hell! - Fixsound's first music collection. Includes three very simple songs: All my Life, Hell for everyone and Birdie Song. Try new member of computermusic!
FREEMEM.ZIP 1998-06-25 00:00 310KFree Memory Tool 2.0 for Windows 95/NT4 enables you to gain control over your physical memory. You can allocate and free any specified amount of memory. This makes Microsoft Windows95 or Microsoft Windows NT operating systems swap out unused programs and DLLs. You can verify the effects by watching the easy to understand statistics.
GHOSTHTM.ZIP 1998-07-17 00:00 883KGhostHTML v.0.6.2 Build 1401. GhostHTML makes creating html documents fast and fun at the same time. Point and click your way through adanced features such as java and frames with GhostHTML. This is a good program for beginners as well as advanced HTML writers.
HIDEIT11.ZIP 1996-02-23 00:00 73KHide It 1.1 For Windows 95. This great little utility hides windows and buttons from the task bar, great if you have programs or other utilities running all the time and you want them out of the way.
HTMLPB.ZIP 1998-07-13 00:00 154KHTML Paint Brush v1.4. HTML PaintBrush is a very useful utility that allows you to view and select different colors for your links, background color, text color, and automatically generates the HTML for you so that you can copy and paste it! PaintBrush also includes a great quick reference of HTML color codes. 4 Cows
IE4SP1FI.TXT 1998-07-22 00:00 135 Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.01 SP1 Finnish. Suomenkielinen IE401 jossa vakiona SP1 fixit. Koko asennus kaikilla saatavilla optioilla. Carrier Lost ... Uploaded by: Johan R Ronkainen
ITM.ZIP 1997-06-09 00:00 349KIdyle TrayMinimizer v1.61 [June 09th, 1997] Ever tired up of those app that were designed for Windows 3.1 and would be very cool to have in the tray? Ever asked yourself why the programmer of this app didn't put the option to minimize to the tray, because you are using often enough and would like it? Well, now, the choice is all *yours*. Idyle TrayMinimizer will execute an application (.exe, .com or .bat) and give it the ability to minize it as tray icon!
LOGESETU.EXE 1998-07-21 00:00 448KLOGE 2.01 for Windows 9x/NT4. you a NT-Administrator? Are you tired of cutting and pasting your users loginscripts? Wait! Here's a little goodie for you! LOGE is a NT loginscript-generator. Easy to use interface and full control on how scripts appear on your users screen. Check it out...
MLHOTKEY.ZIP 1998-06-13 00:00 12KMLHotKey 1.0 for Win9x/NT4 is a quick-and-dirty utility that allows you to assign hotkeys to any top level application. This means that once you assign a hotkey to a window, you can switch back to that window using the hokey, which is (usually) faster than the alt-tab chain.
MP20.ZIP 1997-12-01 00:00 158KMore Properties 2.03 for Windows 95/NT4 allows you to customize settings in Windows 95/NT that are not accessible from the standard shell.
MXPLO2B2.EXE 1998-07-21 00:00 1.0MMultimedia Explorer v2.0.0 beta 2. A very thorough program, Multimedia Explorer allows you to view your multimedia files (AVIs, images, MIDIs, WAVs, etc.) in a multi-window setup, you can view all the files in a directory, click on one and it appears in the large window. The program can also automate changing your startup and shutdown logos and perform batch conversions from one image format to another. Very impressive features, and all in a very small byte size. 4.5 Cows
NAIL.ZIP 1997-06-30 00:00 26KNail It! 1.10 For Windows 95 is a small utility that has a little icon that sits in your system tray and will allow you to make windows sticky, making them stay above the other windows.
REGEDITX.ZIP 1997-01-27 00:00 214KRegistry Editor Extensions 1.1 for Windows 95 Extends the Windows95 Registry Editor (regedit) and makes it easier to use.
REGMONEN.ZIP 1998-03-21 00:00 169KRegMonEx 1.3 for Windows NT 4.0 & 3.51 is a registry monitoring tool. Once running it can capture all calls to any registry releated API function. Use it to spy on programs that access the registry and find out what they do.
REGMONEX.ZIP 1998-03-21 00:00 168KRegMonEx 1.3 for Windows 95 is a registry monitoring tool. Once running it can capture all calls to any registry releated API function. Use it to spy on programs that access the registry and find out what they do.
REVIT11.ZIP 1997-08-17 00:00 22KRevIt 1.0 for Windows 95/NT4. Windows 95 has a set of 'hidden' programs and logs for the power user. RevIt gives you easy access to them by just the press of a button. Depending on your installation of Windows 95, it is possible that some programs or logs are not available. RevIt gives you access to : The Registry Editor, The System Files Editor,Make win3.x programs compatible with Win95, The tip of the day, The File Manager, The Program Manager, The Task Manager (new in RevIt V1.1), The OLE Packager, The Boot log, The Detected Hardware log, The Setup Log, The Scandisk Log
RTVREC58.ZIP 1996-04-07 00:00 47KRtvReco v5.0 beta 8 for Windows 95 is designed to automate many aspects of Windows '95, by pressing buttons in annoying dialog boxes (like the Connect button in DUN), choosing menu items, maximising, and minimising windows for you. This small utility can save you a lot frustrating moments. GET IT!!!
SCRIPT11.ZIP 1998-05-08 00:00 39KScript 1.1 for Windows 95/NT4. A small program which allows automation of Windows (95/NT) tasks through the use of files containing command lists. It's small (38k), autonomous (no dll's, no ini's, no registry entries), and it allows you to automate routine annoying tasks (like typing nine passwords every time you log in). You can wait for a particular window to open, send keystrokes to a window, branch on results, and display a message box . Source code is included
SDD653.EXE 1998-07-21 00:00 2.8MSciTech Display Doctor v6.53 is the ultimate graphics utility package that will improve your PC's graphics performance, ensure that Windows applications run correctly, and fix many common graphics problems that you may be experiencing. If you have ever struggled with display drivers or experienced problems like slow display speeds or system crashes, SciTech Display Doctor is the solution you need.
SPLIT32.EXE 1998-05-07 00:00 1.0MWinSplit v3.03e. As you have probably noticed, most applications now have so many features they will not fit onto a single disk. So what do you do when you need to put one of these programs onto disks? With WinSplit, you can take any file (up to 1 gigabyte in size) and split it up to fit on any removable media. It doesn't matter what media it is, 1.44mb floppy disks, ZIP disks or even CD-RW's, just select the file and click Split. 4 Cows
SREADF.ZIP 1998-07-06 00:00 2.1MMT Free Sight Read v1.0 [2.2M] W9x/NT4 FREE. After many years away from the electronic keyboard, I went out and purchased a Casio CTK-611. Typically, I think of a song I'd like to play, and then start pounding it out. Currently, I'm shooting through the songs from Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory. I can't read music, though! This puppy has come to the rescue. It'll help me learn how to sight read both treble AND bass. Neat! MT FREE SIGHT READ 1.0 Win 98/95/NT Sight Reading - Treble. Sight Reading - Bass. Associate Notes to Piano Keys - Treble. Associate Notes to Piano Keys - Bass. Play classic midi files. Setup (vary difficulty / note range). Language - note name language option. Preview - A Musical Tutorial. User Log. FREEWARE
STATBAR2.ZIP 1997-01-18 00:00 2.2MStatBar 97 v2.2.32 For Win 95 monitors free System, User and GDI resources, free drive space on all local and mapped networked drives It's also an application launcher to start your favorite apps with just a double click An will shutdown or logoff Windows, or reboot your computer with a single click.
STNCP.ZIP 1998-02-02 00:00 4.4KSend To Notepad & Command Prompt Here 1.0 for Windows 9x/NT4. Add 'Send To Notepad' and 'Command Prompt Here' in context menu ( right click ) for every file. Notepad is easier to edit/view any unknown file extension. You can right click and choose send to notepad or Command Prompt Here for going fast to the directory where that file is and manage it by DOS prompt. (These are registry files, simply doubleclick to install, nothing will be running in the background)
SVCMGR.ZIP 1998-06-30 00:00 343KService Manager NT 1.42 for Windows NT 4.0 is a Windows NT Services Administration Utility. It's purpose to adminstrate service thru the whole domain if you have the rights! Service Manager NT is a very useful utility for Network Manager, Advanced Users and Software Developers. New in v.1.3 Administer services from NT-Boxes via IP-Address across the internet!
TH3DW085.EXE 1998-06-29 00:00 1.7MHercules Thriller 3D v0.85 [1.7M] W9x drivers.
TPWINS32.ZIP 1998-05-09 00:00 1.0MTracePlus/Winsock 2.10 shows you the interaction between your application and the Winsock API WITH NO MODIFICATIONS to your existing program. New version 2.00 adds enhanced function parameter displays, tracing capability for WSAAsync***() messages, and performance analysis of the API functions. Integral open socket dialog shows what sockets are open, and their associated connection information. New Import/Export feature supports viewing of trace logs and performance information from remote PCs. 4.5 Cows
TR3398-H.ZIP 1998-07-31 00:00 134KTV ja radio ohjelmat viikolle 33/98 (HTML) Uploaded by: Anonymous Ftp-Upload
TR3598-H.ZIP 1998-08-14 00:00 143KTV ja radio ohjelmat viikolle 35/98 (HTML) Uploaded by: Anonymous Ftp-Upload
TR3598-T.ZIP 1998-08-14 00:00 144KTV ja radio ohjelmat viikolle 35/98 (TXT) Uploaded by: Anonymous Ftp-Upload
TR3698-H.ZIP 1998-08-21 00:00 152KTV ja radio ohjelmat viikolle 36/98 (HTML) Uploaded by: Anonymous Ftp-Upload
TR3698-T.ZIP 1998-08-21 00:00 153KTV ja radio ohjelmat viikolle 36/98 (TXT) Uploaded by: Anonymous Ftp-Upload
TR3798-H.ZIP 1998-08-28 00:00 152KTV ja radio ohjelmat viikolle 37/98 (HTML) Uploaded by: Anonymous Ftp-Upload
TR3798-T.ZIP 1998-08-28 00:00 153KTV ja radio ohjelmat viikolle 37/98 (TXT) Uploaded by: Anonymous Ftp-Upload
TR3898-H.ZIP 1998-09-04 00:00 154KTV ja radio ohjelmat viikolle 38/98 (HTML) Uploaded by: Anonymous Ftp-Upload
TR3898-T.ZIP 1998-09-04 00:00 155KTV ja radio ohjelmat viikolle 38/98 (TXT) Uploaded by: Anonymous Ftp-Upload
TR3998-H.ZIP 1998-09-11 00:00 149KTV ja radio ohjelmat viikolle 39/98 (HTML) Uploaded by: Anonymous Ftp-Upload
TR3998-T.ZIP 1998-09-11 00:00 150KTV ja radio ohjelmat viikolle 39/98 (TXT) Uploaded by: Anonymous Ftp-Upload
TR4098-H.ZIP 1998-09-18 00:00 154KTV ja radio ohjelmat viikolle 40/98 (HTML) Uploaded by: Anonymous Ftp-Upload
TR4198-T.ZIP 1998-09-25 00:00 149KTV ja radio ohjelmat viikolle 41/98 (TXT) Uploaded by: Anonymous Ftp-Upload
TR4298-H.ZIP 1998-10-02 00:00 146KTV ja radio ohjelmat viikolle 42/98 (HTML) Uploaded by: Anonymous Ftp-Upload
TR4398-T.ZIP 1998-10-09 00:00 152KTV ja radio ohjelmat viikolle 43/98 (TXT) Uploaded by: Anonymous Ftp-Upload
TR4498-H.ZIP 1998-10-16 00:00 151KTV ja radio ohjelmat viikolle 44/98 (HTML) Uploaded by: Anonymous Ftp-Upload
TR4598-H.ZIP 1998-10-23 00:00 152KTV ja radio ohjelmat viikolle 45/98 (HTML) Uploaded by: Anonymous Ftp-Upload
TR4698-T.ZIP 1998-10-30 00:00 151KTV ja radio ohjelmat viikolle 46/98 (TXT) Uploaded by: Anonymous Ftp-Upload
TYPEIT32.EXE 1998-06-15 00:00 756KTypeItIn v1.4 [744k] W9x/NT4 FREE. Web Forms can get tedious. It seems like every time I turn around, there's another site asking for certain personal information. You can save yourself some typing (and lots of time) by using this sucker. The freeware version allows you to define up to 50 buttons for use with web forms--simply click a button and the information will be entered for you automatically. No more typos, no more having to look up detailed information, no more hassle.
UCW98260.EXE 1998-06-01 00:00 3.9MUnder Construction 98 Web Editor v2.6. Helppokäyttöinen WWW editori java tuella. Mukana läjä java scriptejä ja appletteja sekä animoituja giffejä.
VSWEB40.EXE 1998-07-19 00:00 2.2MViruSafe Web v4.06 [2.2M] 9x/NT FREE. ACHOO! Nobody is safe from viruses. And if you're a faithful Lockergnome subscriber (who isn't?) then you should definitely be taking precautions. Don't download things without scanning them for viruses first. Is that too much of a chore for you? Then this utility is a MUST HAVE. It blends seamlessly with your browser and only scans what you choose to download. Applications, ZIP files, & Word documents are scanned before they're downloaded. Be ViruSafe.
WAVCL15E.EXE 1998-07-19 00:00 710KWAVclean v1.5 [727k] W9x/NT4 SW$20. When was the last time you downloaded a WAV file only to discover its quality was sub-par? Sure, you could use a fancy editor with all the bells & whistles to tweak the sound, but this proggie does the job quickly, easily, and efficiently. WAVClean turns poor 8-bit sounds to great 16-bit sounds, eliminates hiss & background noises, and works with both mono & stereo recordings! Wave good-bye to bad-sounding WAVs forever...
WINCRON.ZIP 1998-07-08 00:00 9.1KWinCron 1.51 For Win9x/NT4. WinCron is basically a Windows implementation of the UNIX cron program. The main advantage this program has over many of the event scheduling programs already out there (besides being free) is that it can read the event table as a text file from any drive. This allows you to alter the events that are being scheduled without having to have access to the console of the computer that WinCron is running on.
WSH.EXE 1998-07-21 00:00 568KWindows Scripting Host 1.0 for Windows 9x/NT4. This is free software from Microsoft. It is a scripting host for Windows95 and Windows NT. It will allow you to write batch like files using VBScript or JScript to control windows or applications Sample scripts and white paper available at their homepage.